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Título Handbook of Perception and Action (V.1)Libros / Impreso - Libros
Parte de Handbook of Perception and Action
Autor(es) Prinz Wolfgang and Bridgeman, Bruce (Autor)
Publicación London, England : Academic Press
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 153.733
Materia(s) Percepción; Atención; Aptitudes;
Resumen Con: Volume One. Perception List of contributors, p. xiii Preface, p. xv Introduction, p. 1 I. Basic Processes and Mechanisms Chapter 1: Temporal Resolution in Visual Perception, Adam Reeves, p. 11 Chapter 2: Perceptual Organization of Visual Patterns: The Segmentation of Textures, Lothar Kehrer and Cristina Meinecke, p. 25 Chapter 3: Stereoscopic Depth Perception, Martin Eimer, p. 71 Chapter 4: Neutral Networks and Visual Information Processing, Werner X. Schneider, p. 103 Chapter 5: Visual Processing and Cognitive Factors in the Generation of Saccadic Eye Movements, Heiner Deubel, p. 143 Chapter 5: Extraretinal Signals in Visual Orientation, Bruce Bridgeman, p. 191 II. Perception of Objects, Events and Actions Chapter 7: Perceptual Constancies: Analysis and Synthesis, Wayne L. Shebilske and Aaron L. Peters, p. 227 Chapter 8. The Perception of Auditory Patterns, Diana Deutsch, p. 253 Chapter 9. Visual Object Recognition, Joachim Hoffmann, p. 297 Chapter 10: Dimensions of Event Perception, Robert E. Shaw, Oded M. Flascher and William M. Mace, p. 345 Chapter 11. The Perception of Action and Movement, Jürgen Stränger and Bernhard Hommel, p. 397 I. Lines or research, p. 399 II. Discussion: Comparing the lines of research, p. 430 references, p. 441 Index, p. 453 Volume Two. Motor Skills List of Contributors, p. xiii Preface, p. xv Introduction, Steven W. Keele and Herbert Heuer, p. xvii I. General concepts Chapter 1: Antecedents of Action, David A. Rosenbaum and Horst Krist, p. 3 Chapter 2: Computational Aspects of Motor Control and Motor Learning, Michael I. Jordan, p. 71 Chapter 3: Coordination, Herbert Heuer, p. 121 Chapter 4: Modeling Variability and Dependence in Timing, Dirk Vorberg and Alan Wing, p. 181 Chapter 5: Representational Issues in Motor Learning: Phenomena and Theory, Richard Ivry, p. 263 II. Particular Skills Chapter 6: Posture and Locomotion, Marjorie Hines Woollacott and Jody L. Jensen, p. 333 Chapter 7. Reaching and Grasping. Parallel Specification of Visuomotor Channels, Marc Jeannerod, p. 405 Chapter 8. Catching: A Motor Learning and Developmental Perspective, Geert J.P. Savelsbergh and Harold T. a. Whiting, p. 461 Chapter 9: Speaking, Carol A. Fowler, p. 503 Chapter 10: Handwriting Movement Control, Hans-Leo Teulings, p. 561 Index, p. 614 Volume Three. Attention List of Contributors, p. xi Introduction, A. F. Sanders and O. Neumann, p. 1 Chapter 1: Visual Attention, A. H. C. van der Heijden, p. 5 Chapter 2: Visual Search, A. F. Sanders and M. Donk, p. 43 Chapter 3: Auditory Attention, G. ten Hoopen, p. 79 Chapter 4: Dual-Task Performance, H. Heuer, p. 113 Chapter 5: Involuntary Attention, M. Eimer, D. Nattkemper, E. Schröger and W. Prinz, p. 155 Chapter 6: Automatic and Controlled Information Processing: The Role of Attention in the Processing of Novelty G. Underwood and J. Everatt, p. 186 Chapter 7: Energetics and the Reaction Process: Running Threads Through Experimental Psychology, M. W. van der Molen, p. 229 Chapter 8: Sustained Attention, H. S. Koelega, p. 277 Chapter 9: Brain Potential Analysis of Selective Attention, A. A. Wijers, G. Mulder, Th. C. Gunter and H. G. O. M. Smid, p. 333 Chapter 10: Theories of Attention, O. Neumann, p. 389 Subject Index, p. 447
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