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Título College chemistry. - 3a ediciónLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Sisler , Harry H. (Autor)
Vander Werf, C.A (Autor)
Davidson, Arthur W. (Autor)
Publicación New York : Macmillan company, 1961
Descripción Física 913 páginas: Ilustraciones
Idioma Inglés;
Clasificación(es) 542.1
Materia(s) Química; Química-enseñanza;
Nota(s) 1. Matter, energy, and change. p.1.-- 2. The gaseous state - the kinetic - molecular theory. p.17.-- 3. The liquid and the solid states. p.53.-- 4. The atomic theory; formulas, valences, and equations. p.69.-- 5. The electonic structure of atoms. p.103.-- 6. Lonic and covalent bonding. p.133.-- 7. The structures of crystalline solids. p.177.-- 8. Relationship of properties to structure and bond type: the metallic state. p.191.-- 9. Quatitative mass and energy relationships in chemical processes. p.209.-- 10. Hydrogen and its compounds. p.229.-- 11. Oxygen and its compounds; water, hydrogen peroxide. p.243.-- 12. Oxidation states- oxidation - reduction reactions. p.271.-- 13. The rates of chemical reactions. p.281.-- 14. Entropu, free, energy, and chemical equilibrium. p.303.-- 15. The dissolved state. p.333.-- 16. Solutions of electrolytes. p.363.-- 17. Lonic equilibria. p.393.-- 18. Equilibrium in saturated salt solutions. p.421.-- 19. Electrochemistry. p.431.-- 20. The halogens and their compounds. p.471.-- 21. Sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and polonium. p.501.-- 22. The nitrogen family. p.525.-- 23. The carbon-silicon family. p.571.-- 24. Organic chemistry. p.593.-- 25. The chemistry of life processes. p.645.-- 26. The realm of the giant molecule. p.675.-- 27. Chemistry in nonaqueous solvents. p.687.-- 28. The alkali and alkaline earth metals. p.705.-- 29. The transition elements. p.733.-- 30. The chromium and manganese families. p.763.-- 31. Iron, cobalt, nickel, and the platinum metals. p.781.-- 32. The copper and zinc families. p.807.-- 33. The boron-aluminum family. p.829.-- 34. Germanium, tin, and lead. p.845.-- 35. The helium family - the noble gases. p.853.-- 36. Chemistry of the atomic nucleus. p.863.
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