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Título Order, conflict, and violence. - 1a ediciónLibros / Impreso - Libros
Autor(es) Kalyvas, Stathis N., 1964- (Editor)
Shapiro, Ian (Editor)
Masoud , Tarek (Editor)
Publicación Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2008
Descripción Física 436p.:Ilustraciones
Idioma Inglés;
ISBN 9780521897686
Clasificación(es) 301.633
Materia(s) Estabilidad política; Conflictos sociales; Violencia Política;
Nota(s) Part 1. Creating, maintaining, and restoring order. 1. Probing the sources of political orde. p.17.-- 2. Attaining social order in Iraq. p.43.-- 3. Factors impeding the effectiveness of partition in South Asia and Palestine Mandate. p.75.-- 4. The social order of violence in Chicago and stockholm neighborhoods: a comparative inquiry. p.97.-- 5. Traditions of justice in war: the modern debate in historical perspective. p.120.-- 6. Problems and prospects for democratic settlements: South Africa as a model for the middle east and Northem Ireland?. p.139.--Part 2. Challenging, transforming, and destroying order. 7. Civil wars and guerrilla warfare in the contemporary word: toward a joint theory of motivations and opportunities. p.197.-- 8.Clausewitz vindicated ? economics and politics in the Colombian war. p.219.-- 9. Articulating the geo-cultural logic of nationalist insurgency. p.242.-- 10. Which group identities lead to most violence? evidence from India. p.271.-- 11. Order in disorder: a micro-comparative study of genocidal dynamics in Rwanda. p.301.-- 12. Sexual violence during war: toward an understandig of variation. p.321.-- 13. " Military necessity " and the laws of war in imperial Germany. p.352.-- 14. Precoditions of international normative change: implications for order and violence. p. 378.-- 15. Promises and pitfalls of an emerging research program: the microdynamics of civil war. p.397
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