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Título Vol. 149, n. 20 (Nov.-1998): Quality Aerospace Targets Six Sigma. Infotech Revolution For The New AirbusEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1998
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Aeronáutica - Noticas breves; MISÍLES; ARMAS NUCLEARES Y QUÍMICAS; Virus informáticos; EMPRESAS AEROESPACIALES; LANZAMIENTO DE SATELITES; Transporte aéreo; Líneas aéreas; Aviones-mantenimiento y reparación; Aeropuertos; Aviones comerciales; INDSTRIA AERONAUTICA;
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Resumen Con: WORLD NEWS ROUNDUP Atlas Air to provide 747s in hedge aginst FedEx strike. p.22 NTBS investigates MD-11 insulation fire. p.23 HEADLINE NEWS Finally-first station midule set for liftoff / Craig Covault. p.26 Airlift crucial to relief in Hurricane Mitch disaster / David A Fulghum and James T McKenna. p.28 Large-scale attacks planned against Iraq / David A Fulghum and John D Morrocco. p.30 Bin Laden hit on 238 counts / Paul Mann. p.33 Boeing fights computer virus. p.33 Sea Launch completes first offshore test / Bruce A Smith. p.34 ARD follow - on eyed; Mars Express approved / Michael A Taverna. p.36 Deep Space 1 enters safe mode aftr ion engine falters / Michael A Dornheim .p.37 IAI gains launch market toelhold with Shavit / Joseph C Anselmo. p.39 Delta 2 launches Iridium satellites. p.39 Giant Centurion stars fligth test / Michael A Dornhrim. p.42 French aerospce in merger hustle / Pierre SParaco. p.43 AAIR TRANSPORT U.S. airlines brce for market turbulence / Edward H Phillips. p.44 European airlines tighten their belts / John D Morrocco.p .45 Asser Management offsets lackluster sales at ATR Michael A Taverna. p.46 MTU sets maintenance venture, seeks PW role / Michael A Taverna.p .47 Rolls - Royce powered Tu-204 to enter service / Nikolay Novichkov and John D Morrocco. p.48 athay rescue of PAL OK'd. p.48 Belgain starup carrier seeks long haul niche / Pierre Sparaco. p.51 AIMING FOR SIX SIGMA QUALITY Pursuit of six sigma emergers as industry trend / Anthony L Velocci. p.52 Succes with sigma often en elusive goal / Anthony L Velocci. p.58 Cots of quality as industry challenge. p.58 High hopes riding on six sigma at Raytheon / Anthony L Velocci. p.59 Six sigma akes back seat to 'Lean Electronics' ar Rockwell / Anthony L Velocci. p.60 BUSINESS FLYING HeliFlite taps interset in fractional shares / Edward H Phillips. p.62 GAMA aims for 2,000 mark.p .62 INFOTECH: TEHE AIRBUS LUFTHANSA CONNECTION Getting software right is part of the new Airbus / Michael Mecham. p.64 Cost, efficiency drive Lufthansa IT funtions / Michael Mecham. p.68
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