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Detalles de la Emisión

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Título Vol. 149, n. 7 (Aug.-1998): Fliying The Global Express. Farnbrough Sneak PreviewEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1998
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Accidentes-Titán 4A; ASAMBLEAS - CONSULTORIOS AERONAUTICA; Transporte aéreo; Aviones; Aeropuertos; Accidentes aéreos -1996-1997; Tecnología Espacial; Inteligencia; ARMAS NUCLEARES; Simuladores de vuelo; Tecnología Espacial; Líneas aéreas; Aviones comerciales; Industria Aeronáutica; FUERZA AEREA - JAPON - INDUSTRIA; ARMAS SILENCIOSAS - AERONAUTICA;
Nota(s) Bibliografía: al final de cada artículo Notas: al pie de texto
Resumen Con: HEADLINE NEWS Titan explosion destroys secret 'mercury' sigint / Craig Covault and Josehp C Anselmo. p.28 Lightning workmanship eyed in new Hughes 601 problems / Craig Covault. p.31 U.S. reviews plan for lift Sea Launch suspension / Joseph C Anselmo. p.31 Soho may be under control this week. p.32 Pathfinder exceeds 80,000 Ft.,; Centurion assembled / Michael A Dornheim. p.33 AIR TRANSPORT 737 to be built in Long Beach / Bruce A Smith. p.34 Boeing slims down; layoffs could reach 28,000 / Paul Proctor. p.35 Brussels, London clash over BA-AA slot sale / John D Morrocco. p.36 Controversy surrounds Italy's airport decision. p.36 FAA orders checks of 747s. p.37 SIA to take leading role at China Air / Geoffrey Thomas. p.38 American's dispute settled. p.38 Aviation deaths down in 1997. p.39 Garuda leases in trouble, airlines alliance failing. p.39 Genral Elctric develops F414 engine growth plan / Stanley W Kandebo. p.70 Fuji, Pilatus for trainer award / David M North. p.71 Advance technology to project high - low - risk facilities / Robert Wall. p.72 Rolls - Royce Turbomeca in bid to power S -92 / Edward H Phillips. p.73 AMC airlifts survivors. p.73 SPACE TECHNOLOGY USAF shifts technology for new future in space / Craig Covault. p.40 DEFENSE PREPAREDNESS Defector details plan to plant nukes in U.S. / Joseph C Anselmo. p.52 GLOBASL EXPRESS PILOT REPORT Global Express poised to begin operations / David M North. p.54 Simulator provides total aircraft ralism / David M North. p.60 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Unigraphics pusures independebt indentity / Michael Mecham. p.62 Airlines, agencies race to avert Y2K problems / James T McKenna. p.64 Airbus partners slect Web entreprise software / Michael Mecham. p.65 FARNBOROUGH PREVIEW Quikening consolidation pace: backdrop for U.K- show / John D Morrocco. p.66 INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT NEWS New display sysyem adds realism to training / Michael o Lavitt. p.74 Technology eases test af aiport fuel system. p.74
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