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Detalles de la Emisión

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Título Vol. 146, n. 27 (Jun. -1997): Hong Kong: Busy hub under a new flagEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1997
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) ESTACIONES ESPACIALES - REPARACIÓN; Sistema solar; METEORITOS; MISÍLES; Industria espacial; Aviones comerciales; ESTRATEGIAS AEROESPACIALES; TRAFICO AEREO - CONTROL; Marketing; Aviación; Seguridad Aérea; Tecnología Espacial; Satélites artificiales; INDUSTRIA AERONAUTICA - ISRAEL; MISILES - EXHIBICIÓN; PARIS AIR SHOW;
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Resumen Con: HEADLINE NEWS Mir accident imperils U.S. - Russian cooperation / Craig Covault. p.20 NASA craft near asteriod, Mars / Joseph C Anselmo. p23 Shuttle, Mars asteriod flights presents new NASA challenges / Craig Covault. p.24 Boeing EKW sensor acquires targets in ballistic flight / Bruce A Smith. p.26 Hughes files suit over Proton launch contract. p.26 NASA, industry hit X-33 snags / James R Asker. p.27 Turkish bid open to U.S. companies / Neteham Demir. p.29 AEROSPACE CONSOLIDATION French government grapples with aerospace strategy / Pierre Sparaco and John D Morrocco. p.30 Boeing defends exclusive pacts while attemping to placate EC / Anthony L Velocci. p.30 Cathay livery celebrates handover. p.32 AIR TRANSPORT Ansett turns to SIA for help with expansion. p.33 Boeing evaluates new 767 - 400 wingtip desing. p.34 747 ferries spare engine. p.34 Inflight fire prompts call for PW100 inspections / James T McKenna. p.35 New advisory system for uncontrolled fields / Paul Proctor. p.38 BUSINESS FLYING Marketing mockup upgrade to Pilatus PC-12 simulator / William C Scott. p.39 HONG KONG HANDOVER Hong Kong aviatin best future on China / Veronique Saunier and Michael Mecham. p.40 China's tekeover should help Hong Kong's other 'airline'. p.44 Uruguay takes Wessexes as royal squadron disbands. p.45 Macau shuttle upgrades helo fleet. p.46 GFS Looks for new cooperation with PLA. p.46 Taiwanese watch handover carefully. p.47 AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Folow - on B-2 flight testing planned. p.48 WEAPONS TECHNOLOGY New munition could replace some missiles / Pail Proctor. p.49 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Cuber threats place infrastructure at risk / Bruce D Nordwall. p.51 ELECTRONIC WARFARE Decoy tested for B- 1B. p.52 SPACE TECHNOLOGY Kistler seeks to create 'UPS'of space / Paul Proctor. p53 PARS AIR SHOW '97 Denel dveloping new short-range missile / John D Morrocco. p.56 IAI offers upgrade for Harpy. p.57 AlliedSignal alliance complementary to acquisitions / Anthony L Velocci. p.58 Executive Jet pushes toward establinshing global network / Anthony L Velocci. p.59 Tiger production award signed but NH-90 proposal delayed. p.60 C-295 trasnport to fly next yea. p.61 Swedn orders moe Gripens. p.61 Airbus Boeing rack up strong sales at Paris air show / Michael A Taverna. p.62 A300-600 to carry outsiz cargo. p.63 Xerox shows AWACS displays. p.63
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