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Título Vol. 146, n. 25 (Jun. -1997): Flight Operations / Paris air showEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1997
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Accidentes aéreos; Aviones -- Modelos; Aviones; Transporte aéreo; Aviones comerciales; Aeronáutica; Aeronaves; Aeropuertos; Helicópteros; Líneas aéreas; BRITISH AIRWAYS; LUFTHANSA; Satélites artificiales; CATHY PACIFIC AIRWAYS; Vuelo (Aeronáutica); ASIA - PACIFIC CARRIES; MANTENIMIENTO AEREO; TRAFICO AEREO - CONTROL; Aeronáutica comercial; Aeronáutica militar; FUERZA AEREA - SUIZA; SISTEMAS APLICADOS A LA AERONAUTICA; Inteligencia artificial; Aviones a reacción; ASTRONAUTAS; Tecnología Espacial;
Nota(s) Bibliografía: al final de cada artículo Notas: al pie de texto
Resumen Con: HEADLINE NEWS TWA 800m probe prompts novel jet fuel test / Michael A Dornheim. p.50 FAA plans to mandate fire extinguishes / Carole A Shifrin. p.51 Pathfunder surpases propeller altitude record / Michael A Dornheim. p.53 Gull- wing UCAV eyed for U.S. aircraft carries / David A Fulghum. p.56 Critics vow fight over Joint - STARTS cut / David A Fulghum. p.57 Boeing makes big plans for Aero Vodochody / Paul Proctor. p.61 European space council proposed / Michael A Taverna. p.62 AIR TRANSPORT France backpedals from Airbus remake / Pierre Sparaco. p.63 Latest Boeing orders will spark cotroversi / Paul Proctor. p.66 MD-95 enters critical assembly phase / Bruce A Smith. p.70 Eigth bidders vie for Dusseldorf airport / Michael A Taverna. p.72 British Airways dons new global image / John D Morrocco. p.81 Lufthansa, Air Littoral ink partneship deal / Michael A Taverna. p.82 Garvery gets mixed reviews. p.83 PARIS AIR SHOW '97 Cost pressutes spur creative operations / Bruce D Nordwall. p.84 Lufthansa extols mixed - fleet approach / Michael A Taverna. p.87 Mixed Airbus fleet offers Cathay flexibility / Michael Mecham. p.91 French shuttle's goal: TVG - like punctuality / Pierre Sparaco. p.97 777 is workhorse for Asia - Pacific carries / Michael Mecham. p.102 777s get high marks for reliability, readiness / Carole A Shifrin. p.106 Estonian Air leaps from East to West / John D Morrocco. p.112 Canadair RJs mold new Comair network / James Ott. p.118 MD-11 gains with cargo operators / Bruce A Smith. p.123 Affordability drives new engine desings / Stanley W Kandebo. p.127 Operations centers are airline money-markers / Bruce D Nordwall. p.131 Airports cautioned on risk of investments / Anthony L Velocci. p.135 ETOPS, user fees threaten business jet ops / Edward H Phillips. p.141 U.S. military weighs future of SEAD / David A North. p.151 First Swiss F/A - 18s near operational status / John D Morrocco. p.157 Romania capitalizes on MIG-21 Lancer / John D Morrocco. p.164 USAF NVGs: Day tactics for night fighters / Michael A Dornheim. p.173 Coast Guard Jayhawks 'go long' offhore / Paul Proctor.p .182 Gripen deliveries, export efforts stepped up / Carole A Shifrin. p.186 Carrier refines SEAD intelligence tactics / James T McKenna. p.188 Vioce command system improves helicopter situational awareness / David A North. p.195 Arianespace exploits delay in Ariane 5 / Pierre Sparaco. p.198 Space alliance leads shuttle ops revolution / Craig Covault. p.204 Satellite operators seek automated control / Joseph C Anselmo. p.213 SPACE TECHNOLOGY Seagoing launch plan advances despite Zenit booster failures / Paul Proctor. p.216 INTERNATIONAL PRODUCT NEWS Case-based reasonig provides new troubleshooting tools / Michael O Lavitt. p.218
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