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Detalles de la Emisión

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Título Vol. 144, n. 7 (Feb.-1996): Searching for clues to the planetsEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1996
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Industria Aeronáutica; Astronáutica; PORTAVIONES; Tecnología Espacial; Aviones comerciales; Satélites artificiales en telecomunicaciones; Seguridad Aérea; Certificación Aérea; Aviónica; Sistema de posicionamiento global; LABORATORIO DE FÍSICA APLICADA; Asteroides; Ingeniería Aeronáutica; Aviones;
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Resumen Con: HEADLINE NEWS Profit surge poses prikly dilemma / Anthony Velocci. p.20 Structural change looms as next industry hurdle / Anthony Velcci. p.21 France mulls aerospace merger / Pierre Sparaco. p.22 French government fires space agency managers. p.22 Europeans back UHCA. p.23 Upgrade shuttle abgines grounded / James T McKenna. p.24 Ariane 44P orbits N-Star. p.24 JAST desing benefits from main engine thurst vectoring / Stanley W Kandebo. p.57 Bosnia watch to intensify / David A Fulghum. p.58 China buys Su-27 rights from Russia / David A Fulghum. p.60 GAO kills last JPAST protest / David A Fulghum. p.60 ASIAN AEROSPACE Industry bets on 100-seater / Michael Mecham. p.26 K-8 ready for service but lacks PLA budget. p.27 C-27 gets a "J" from, Alenia , Lokheed Martin. p.27 Many suitors for Fokker but no weddings yet. p.30 Airbus, Boeing positio for next round of orders / Micheal Mecham. p.31 Hughes wins mobile telecomsat order. p.31 Fortune - telling in Singapore / Paul Mann. p.32 AIR TRANSPORT Atlantic searched for crash clues / James T McKenna and John D Morrocco. p.33 GAO urges higher fees for airline certification / Edward H Phillips. p.36 Battelle proposal key to safety data exchange / Edward H Phillips. p.37 Canadian expands shuttle service / David Hughes. p.38 American reviews flight procedures. p.38 Concorde set to fly into nex century / John D Morrocco. p.39 Air Transat profits with smaller fleet. p.39 AVIONICS Industry ponders impact of size on EW business / Philip J Klass. p.40 Advanced actuator tested on F/A-18. p.42 Lidar'reads'air - drop winds / James Ott. p.44 Rand recommends military control GPS. p.45 SPACE TECHNOLOGY Asteroid missions prompst juggling / Joseph C Anselmo. p.48 Two cheers for tight budgets. p.48 Simple desing fopr reliability,. p.49 Mission 72 test station methods. p.50 U.S. weighs Mars sample-return mission / William B Scott. p.52 Japan says more agencies to enter space program / Eiichiro Sekigawa. p.52 AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Techology 'road maps'to direct R&D expenditures / William B Scott. p.54 eam maps future of fixed-wing techology / William B Scott. p.56
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