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Detalles de la Emisión

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Título Vol. 145, n. 25 (Dec.-1995): Alenia moves closer to airbusEmisión de Seriada
Parte de Aviation Week & Space Technology
Publicación New York : McGraw-Hill, 1996
Idioma Inglés;
Materia(s) Aviones comerciales; INDUSTRIA AERONAUTICA EUROPEA - ITALIA; F-8 -25 - INDUSTRIA CHINA; SEGURIDAD AÉREA - RUSIA; Seguridad industrial; ESCOTILLAS (AERONAUTICA); Transporte aéreo; Ingeniería Aeronáutica; Aviónica; Electrónica en aviación; Información tecnológica; Tecnología Espacial; Aviones;
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Resumen Con: HEADLINE NEWS Alenia to join Airbus Industrie / Pierre Sparaco. p.20 Suitors ponder Thonsom Offerings / Pierre Sparaco. p.21 China broandens list of air combat exports / David A Fulghum.p .22 Peru's MiG - 29 purchase hits maintenace snag / John D Morrocco. p.23 EVA hatch problems blamed on loose screws / Craig Covault. p.24 Russia delays commitment on joint Mars mission / Joseph C Anselmo. p.87 Ice - covered Ganymede may have molte metal core / Michael A. Dormheim. p.88 AIR SAFETY Safety experts seek data sharing / Carole Shifrin. p.25 Sky marshal reduce hijacking threat in U. S. / James Ott. p.26 NTBS developing new accident categories. p.26 Valujet pilots faulted in hard landing / Edward H. Phillips. p.30 Jeanniot: Time for safety audits. p.30 AIR TRANSPORT Critics hit U. K. plan for BA / AA approval / John D Marrocco. p.31 Ministry sets 2000 goal for second Narita runway / Eiichiro Sekigawa. p.32 Boeing moves ahead on new 767 stretch. p.32 FedEx to launch multimission, single - prpeller aircraft / Edward H. Phillips. p.33 FAA to use Alaska and Hawaii to debug Free Fligth / Bruce D. Nordwall. p.34 Financing may provide Kiwi with second lease on life / Anthony Velocci. p.67 NEXT - GENERATION 737 ROLLOUT Lower costs drive next - generation 737 / Paul Proctor. p .68 AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING B - 2 on track to acieve initial combat status in 1997 / Willian B. Scott. p.74 "Green" Paint stripper preservers B - 2 lines / Willian B. Scott. p.75 USAF hosts computer exercise to test warfighting in 2020 / Bruce D. Nordwall. p.77 Pentagon weigs Marine helicopter buy. p.77 "Pintle" nozzles stabilize ACES 2 seats. p.78 AVIONICS "Noisy utilities interrupt TDWR / Bruce D. Nordwall. p.79 F / A - 18 uses presicions DF for range - Known Harm tests. p.80 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Lockheed Martin shifst simulator, training strategies / James T McKenna. p.82 E- 8C technicians hone skills on AAI trainer / James T McKenna. p.85 SPACE TECHNOLOGY Space launch industry faces dramatic changes / Pierre Sparaco. p.86
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